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The Gift of Time

pocket watch, time, sand-3156771.jpgHow many minutes do you have today?

One minute…
Two minutes…

Maybe 3 – 30 ?

I won’t take up a lot of your time today…

but I just want you to ask yourself – When was the last time you gave someone the gift of time?

Why does the gift of time have so much meaning in our lives?

There’s great value in this gift of time.

Some of my most vivid memories are of times when someone gave me the gift of time.


At 3 years old when my Uncle stood behind me at the breakfast table and cut my French toast into bite-sized pieces.

Or when my best friend came over, to my house with her best bottle of wine to be with me at one of the lowest times in my life.

I’m sure you have memories that are similar.

Time – the one thing that many of us value most – is wasted in so many meaningless activities.

Today – find more ways to spend time on valuable activities. Taking the time to listen without judgement.

Time to observe the wonders of Nature.

Time to express caring for someone in need.

Time to care for oneself.

Time to prepare a fresh meal from scratch.

How do you use your gift of time?

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